UMC Board and Administration

UMC’s staff and board work behind the stage curtain to support students, propel the programs, and keep the creativity flowing.

Lauri Neubert

Lead Administration

Lauri Neubert is a respected and highly accomplished professional in the fields of event planning, concert production and corporate administration. She has over 25 years of experience in the music industry as a national level talent buyer. Lauri’s experience also includes event production for theatrical, festival, and corporate domains.

Lauri is a member of Universal Music Center’s Board of Directors and manages all administrative concerns for UMC including invoicing, student schedule tracking, payroll and quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

In addition to her work with UMC, Lauri is active in the local community as an arts and performance advocate, serving on the Board of Directors for the Sheldon Theater.

Clare Lorraine

Marketing & Creative Content Manager

Clare joined UMC in early 2016 as Marketing and Creative Content Manager. She holds dual degrees in Business Management and Computer Programming and is a Master Certified Picture Framer.

In addition to marketing management, Clare’s work experience includes entrepreneurship, website development and administration, small business management, production management, campaign management (small business and non-profit), and education.

Clare’s creative education and experience includes professional photography, graphic design, graphic arts, digital restoration, fine art preservation and archiving, custom framing, technical and creative writing, and innovative teaching.

UMC Board of Directors

Michael S. Arturi

Lauri Neubert

Arthur Kenyon

Tim McKim

Paul Cardinal